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A selection of some of the comments received by e-mail and in the media. All are verifiable on request.

Reviews and comments

"Thank you for Dawn of the 21st Century and Happy Holidays!" - President George W. Bush [Image]

"The book of photography was both unique and inspiring. History was captured in a most fascinating and memorable way and, after sharing it with others on my staff, it will be my pleasure to add the book to my memorabilia collection." - Honourable John F. Street, Mayor of Philadelphia [Image]

"The ultimate global photo album" - Alison Stewart, World News Now [Real Video 300]

"A two-year-old book and photo project celebrating the dawn of the new century, which has involved thousands of photographers around the world" - The Wall Street Journal [External Link - Requires subscription to]

"It's fitting that an event chronicling the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st was conceived on the Internet. And it's also fitting that the biggest photojournalism event in history should honor the new millennium... The photos share a fresh, ingenuous quality that calls to mind humankind's unfailing optimism and our never-ending willingness to celebrate momentous events." - USA Today [Full Article]

"A photographic essay of the end of the 20th Century and the arrival of the 21st" - CNN Television [Real Video 56] [Real Video 300]

"Absolutely compelling... a monumental work!" - Vicki Gabereau, Canadian talk show host

"It really is a fascinating book!" - Fox Television

"A stunning book and quite the social document... A project for the ages!" - Andy Barrie, Metro Morning show, CBC Radio Canada

"A remarkably intimate snapshot of the human condition" - The Toronto Star

"The book is absolutely gorgeous! It's a coffee-table book, it's an art book, if you like photography you will go crazy over this book, it's also a history book, a wonderful keepsake book. Quite honestly this one is so special, so unique and so well done, it REALLY is worth talking about and letting people know about... It is just incredible!" - Steve & Johnnie show, WGN Radio Chicago

E-Mails from participants and others

"I like the idea of being part of a global enterprise - created and operated over the Internet. I believe that it is vital that we continually explore new kinds of electronic collaboration if we are to truly leverage the Internet as a tool towards global harmony and cooperation." - Kevin Coleman, Belgium

"The on-line ordering system worked great, I received the order in the UK in the time promised, complete, and the books were in perfect condition.Thanks very very much. Happy Christmas!" - Ed Maynard, Leicester, UK

"It is absolutely incredible!" - Elizabeth Brazelton, Louisiana USA

"I see it as a photographic time capsule, which will grow in value as the years progress." - Louis Bergsagel, Seattle Filmworks, USA

"I was really glad that somebody had the idea to unite photographers from all over the world and publish a book on the issue of the welcome of the year 2000." - Rainer Ehlert, Mexico

"I believe it will be one of the most exciting documents of the Old/New Millennium." - Pedro Sousa, Portugal

"It is a great opportunity to take part in something that happens all over the world, in all countries among differing peoples." – Glenn Milne, Australia

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