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Dawn Exhibit Opens in Chicago
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ollowing on from publication of the book 'Dawn of the 21st Century', the organizers of the Millennium Photo Project have worked to create (and curate) a major travelling exhibition of photos from the project. The first such exhibit officially opened to the public in June at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

The Dawn of the 21st Century Exhibit at Chicago, which is sponsored exclusively by Yahoo! Photos, consists of 50 photos from the book Dawn of the 21st Century, enlarged to lifesize proportions. The photos represent the work of 49 photographers, amateur and professional, in 31 countries. All the photos were taken as part of the Millennium Photo Project during the 24 hours between noon on December 31st 1999 and noon on January 1st 2000.

Original Artist's Impression of the Dawn Exhibit
This is the first in a series of planned exhibitions that will aim to follow in the spirit of Edward Steichen's famous Family of Man exhibit in the 1950's. In the same way that Family of Man focussed on the commonalities that bind people around the world, as seen through the eyes of amateur and professional photographers, the Dawn of the 21st Century Exhibit, highlights the ways in which an entire world of cultures celebrated a single momentous event, the arrival of the Year 2000, also through the eyes of amateur and professional photographers.

Over time, it is planned that the Dawn of the 21st Century Exhibit will grow to encompass all 501 photos from the book, thus allowing the work of 364 photographers from 69 countries to be seen and enjoyed.

Early Sketch for the Installation at O'Hare
(For history buffs, it is interesting to note that these numbers draw a second remarkable similarity to Family of Man, which featured 503 photographs by 273 photographers in 68 countries.)

Family of Man toured the world for almost a decade between 1955 and 1964 ultimately being seen by more than 9 million people, making it the most successful photography exhibition of all time. It is our hope that Dawn of the 21st Century will one day replicate that success.

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