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[Dawn of the 21st Century Image]n 1999, the Millennium Photo Project launched on the internet. The idea was to unite photographers from around the world, in an online crowd-sourcing project, to create a global photographic record of the turning of the year 2000. It represented the single largest photojournalism undertaking in history.

[Image]More than 5000 predominantly amateur photographers, in 117 countries, took more than a quarter of a million photos for the project. The result of their work is a stunning hardcover coffee-table book entitled "Dawn of the 21st Century".

The book features 500 photos, all taken during a 24 hour period at the turning of the Millennium. It shows how the whole world spent that very special night, and how countless others enjoyed the sunrise of the new century. It features real people in real situations, relaxed and enjoying the company of their families, neighbours and friends.

[Image]The book was put together by a community of photographers without the backing of any publishers or investors. It was a labour of love for literally thousands of people, who donated their time and effort on New Year's Eve, to document this historic event for the enjoyment of the world. It represents a fascinating insight into how the entire planet spent a very special and memorable day. One that won't come about for another thousand years.

The book has received much praise and only 10,000 Limited Edition copies have been made. Since it is the only book to fully document this historic occasion, it may one day become highly collectible.

A major year long exhibit sponsored by Yahoo! Photos, featuring a broad selection of photos from the book, took place at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport in 2000/2001. Tens of millions of travellers enjoyed the exhibit, while waiting to visit many of the destinations therein.

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One way to get a feel for what the book looks like is to download a PDF featuring 12 page spreads, one from each chapter of the book.

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