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The following is a complete listing of all pages on the site:

Main Pages

Introduction - English language home page and intro

Photo of the Week - Archive of all Photo of the Week images

Project Story - The introduction to the book

Your Comments - Excerpts from e-mails to the project and media

The Exhibit - The birth of a travelling photo exhibition

Press Releases - Resources for journalists

Contact Us - Phone numbers and e-mail addresses

Buy the Book Pages - Purchasing information

Privacy Policy - How your information is protected

Additional Pages

Official 'Winners' List - List of photographers by country

A Photographer's Tale - One photographer's moving account of his New Year's Eve experience in Bethlehem

Cross Country Tour - Our project's founder chronicles the North American book promotion tour Nov/Dec 2000

Sample Pages from the Book - One double page spread from each chapter in the book. A (large 12.5MB) PDF file download.

Information for Booksellers - Trade sources and title information

Join our Crew - Add your name to the list for future projects

Old Home Page - For nostalgia reasons

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